3Com® VCX™ Enterprise System

The 3Com® VCX™ V7000 platforms lets organizations with up to tens of thousands of users deploy reliable, standards-based IP telephony and convergence applications throughout the enterprise. Businesses can leverage their wired and wireless LANs and WANs to gain cost-effective and productivity enhancing communications.

Designed for enterprise campus, multisite and multinational networks, VCX V7000 platforms deliver modular components that facilitate migration to a multimedia converged communications environment while retaining traditional PBX features. Robust VCX IP telephony Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based software runs on off-the-shelf, high-performance servers, enabling pay-as-you-grow implementations. By using the SIP open standard for establishing calls, a VCX IP telephony system lets enterprises align investments with individual business and deployment requirements. They can select a growing range of standards-based solutions from a variety of application vendors.