3Com VCX Connect 100 Telephone System

3Com® VCX™ Connect 100 platforms offer organizations with up to 100 phone users an economical IP telephony and messaging solution that delivers powerful phone features and supports multimedia communications based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). The platform’s practical design and affordability helps businesses replace antiquated PBXs with VoIP solutions that handle unified voicemail/email messaging (a standard feature), support a full range of IP phones and interoperate with the PSTN. Migration from legacy PBXs to cost-effective IP-based telephony is facilitated by numerous VoIP gateway options. In addition, redundant configuration options help ensure business continuity even in the event of power or network disruption.

Standard 3Com VCX Connect 100 features let users make calls with multimedia devices such as SIP-based video phones or software applications such as the 3Com Convergence Client that offers a rich set of communications capabilities, including instant messaging and desktop sharing. The platforms can be enhanced with optional 3Com VCX IP Conferencing and Presence modules to enable remote collaboration with any combination of voice, video, and desktop sharing services-without the expense of external services. When combined with the 3Com Convergence Client, the VCX Connect solution lets users view a colleague’s online availability status and make quick contact from a PC via click-to-IM or click-to-call.

For enhanced availability, VCX Connect 100 platforms support an optional redundant RAID hard disk and/or a redundant power supply. For ultimate availability, a secondary VCX Connect 100 server can be co-located with the primary, or even deployed in another office on the same network to provide geographic redundancy.

Built-in integrated FXO and FXS analog gateway ports can be augmented with additional FXO, FXS and T1 modules for PSTN and legacy PBX connectivity.


  • Provide in one economical, simple-to-deploy SIP-based VoIP solution that combines standard PBX features and advanced multimedia communications
  • Increase worker efficiency with a practical, unified communications environment that includes support for fax delivery to email, multiple phone appearances on an extension, and hard and soft operator consoles
  • Enhance collaboration with the sophisticated voice, video and instant messaging capabilities of the 3Com Convergence Client
  • Support mobile workers or remote workers at branch offices with hotdesk and softphone communications
  • Streamline migration to IP communications and provide PSTN connectivity with a range of VoIP gateways that allow expansion in increments of as few as two additional analog channels, or where required, by adding a T1/E1 module for 24/30 additional channels
  • Leverage existing investment in analog phones while implementing a full set of PBX features
  • Help ensure resiliency in the event of component failure with optional redundant disk (RAID)
  • Ensure communications survivability via single site or distributed full geographical application and service redundancy with optional backup servers
  • Streamline implementation based on tested compatibility with many third-party SIP devices
  • Enhance business operations with single-line and multiline phone support and bridged extensions, as well as multiple system login levels that align with a division of system responsibilities
  • Implement an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with UPS monitoring to enable a graceful shutdown in the event of an extended power failure

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