3Com NBX V3000

The 3Com® NBX® V3000 platform with Release 5.0 software boasts a 1U package with four analog ports, one station-side port, and the requisite 10/100 MB Ethernet interface to give small businesses a complete call control and gateway platform. For effectively reducing costs and enabling rapid growth, the V3000 system includes 400 hours of voicemail storage, four auto-attendant/voicemail ports, and the award-winning NBX NetSet™ browser-based administration utility.

The NBX V3000 solution can be expanded to support as many as 1,500 devices. Additionally, a wide array of advanced functionality for network, remote offices, T1/E1 access, and additional analog or BRI lines is available through the NBX V5000 expansion chassis.

The 3Com NBX V3000 IP Telephony Solution is available in more than 61 countries with support for more than 12 languages or dialects.


  • Protect Network Investments While Increasing Productivity
    Designed for small- and medium-sized organizations moving to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) architecture, the 3Com® NBX® V3000 Analog platform can economically and seamlessly connect branch sites to corporate offices, as well as remote and home office workers to their main office convergence services. The platform delivers a broad range of services with ease. Non-technical personnel can make individual or system-wide changes with the click of a mouse, and as business needs evolve, the system can scale up to over 100 devices. Additional functionality can be added with practical incremental, key-coded software upgrades.
  • Extend Connectivity Solutions
    With a built-in analog gateway interface; the platform can connect up to four analog loop-start central office (CO) lines directly to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), reducing configuration time and its related expense. Additionally, the NBX V3000 Analog solution—in combination with an NBX Expansion Chassis—accommodates further communications options via T1/E1, PRI, analog and BRI trunking.
  • Protect Investment with Multiple Protocol Support
    The V3000 Analog platform with R6.0 or higher system software can operate in either of two modes: Standard NBX or SIP mode. Standard NBX mode utilizes the traditional protocol on which six generations of 3Com NBX applications have been built since 1998, while Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) mode allows the platform to communicate with third-party SIP-compliant devices and applications. 3Com’s goal of ensuring its customers access to continuously evolving telecom standards, maximizes functionality and the return on investment (ROI) from NBX solutions.
  • Increase Productivity with Built-in Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Application
    Call center hotline, help desk and telesales staff work more efficiently with NBX ACD software included in the V3000 Analog platform. Two agent licenses are packaged with each platform and additional licenses are available with key-code activation. Supervisors obtain real-time, up-to-the-minute vital statistics on call center performance via voice monitoring or on their computer screens with PC-based software.
  • Ease IP Telephony Implementation
    Standards-based design, including support for switched IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE), facilitates seamless integration with existing network infrastructure. The web-based NBX NetSet™ management utility, hosted by the NBX platform, provides intuitive system configuration that lets organizations centrally manage IP telephony services and avoid the need to train personnel in using command line interfaces or new programming languages.
  • Match IP Phone Choices to Business Requirements
    3Com helps organizations leverage existing infrastructure investments by offering a range of IP phone choices, all with robust feature-sets. Communications options include 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet/IP phones, softphones, receptionist consoles and cordless phones that run in either standard NBX or SIP call control mode.

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