About Spalding Communications Group

Spalding Communications is a communications systems integration firm focused on value added, mission critical telecommunications solutions. We have been selling, installing and supporting communications systems for over ten years and have an installed base of over one-hundred systems.

What We Believe

We believe the opportunity for progressive, forward thinking businesses to use technology to their competitive advantage has only just begun. Telecommunications in particular will play a key role in future technological advance. As a result, efficient and controlled communications with customers, suppliers and employees will be even more important in tomorrow’s business environment.

What We Provide

To the management of an organization, the cost of a telephone system is considered a necessary capital expense every five to seven years and an annual operating expense. Our objective is to change that perspective by designing and implementing a communications solution that reduces cost, improve efficiency and actually creates business opportunities that positively impact the bottom line. We tailor our systems to fit your business needs rather than dictating that your business fit predefined system architecture.

Computer networks and telecommunications systems are now mission critical components of every business and organization. Disasters are inevitable but catastrophes are avoidable if proper planning, system redundancy and backup programs are in place. The systems we market and support provide our clients with such capabilities.

Our Mission

At the Spalding Communications, it is our mission to support our clients by helping them sift through the ever changing information world to find the solutions that enable them to succeed. We do not measure our success on the completion of one sale or project, but on the ability to establish long lasting, win-win relationships with high-quality organizations. We will always endeavor to do so in a professional and ethical manner.